Nevertheless, the crew members were able to collect clean water and food, despite being on the alert for attacks by the natives. Soon, the crew sailed to the Philippine Islands, where they converted natives to Christianity.

Environmental agency flood report
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Environmental agency flood report

Date:18.05.2016, 05:33 Key to Warnings Affected Counties The boxes in the table below show the number of counties at low, medium and high risk in each Environment Agency Region and in Wales. Click on the region name to see a list of the counties at that level of risk. Low Risk Flooding is possible - be aware - Remain alert and ensure you access the latest weather forecast for up to date weather information. - Be aware of conditions and drive accordingly - Check flood warning page - Call Floodline for the latest flooding information. Medium Risk Flooding is expected - be prepared - Remain vigilant and ensure you access the latest weather forecast - Consider re-scheduling your journey. Dont drive or walk through flood water - Think about preparing for flooding and take precautions where possible - Check flood warning page - Call. Very Low Risk No action required - Keep an eye on the weather. If your county is not listed in the low, medium or high risk boxes then the risk of flooding is very low. Flood risk changes day by day, so check the forecast regularly for the latest information and check our Flood Warning page to see if flood warnings are.
Environmental agency flood report

Environmental agency flood report Environmental agency flood report


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Ancient Mysteries Ancient Mysteries is a television series originally broadcast on A E between 19 with reruns airing until 2000. Reruns were also re-broadcast on The Biography Channel during the 2000s.

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