In Ha Giang, an ethnic minority province, the programme did not succeed in establishing any enterprises during implementation and, of 196 trained individuals, only one found employment in comparison with the more successful effort in Quang Binh, where the majority Viet Kinh population predominates.

International assignments survey
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International assignments survey

Date:18.05.2016, 08:45 Supporting business objectives and adapting to changing business requirements are the primary goals of these programs for the majority of companies. These are just some of the key findings from. KPMG International's Global Assignment Policies and Practices (GAPP ) Survey 2015.  May 08, 2015 From the KPMG TaxWatch For companies pursuing growth in new markets, having the right people on the ground is essential.  Worldwide, more companies are drawing on the experience and know-how of their internal talent to develop business in new locations through global mobility assignments. These are just some of the findings analyzed in detail in the GAPP Survey report.  You can use the results to benchmark your organization in areas such as assessment and performance, assignment compensation and allowances, preparation and planning, administration and outsourcing, and taxation policies. Download the GAPP Survey here. Survey participants are growing more inclusive, year over year, in how they define 'family' for purposes of policy benefits : 56 percent include unmarried domestic partners/companions of the opposite sex, while 50 percent include unmarried domestic partners/companions of the same sex.
International assignments survey

International assignments survey International assignments survey


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Became interested in personalizing animals' characters after carelessly killing a small owl as a young boy. He felt deeply remorseful and guilty and vowed never again to kill a living creature.

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