It is a myth, and simply incorrect, to state that only realised gains are included in profit or loss (P/L) and that only unrealised gains and losses are included in the OCI.

The machiavellian intelligence hypothesis
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The machiavellian intelligence hypothesis

Date:26.02.2017, 22:46 - Hamsa Santhalingam, University of Toronto. The complex nature of an agents social environment depends on its horizontal and vertical complexity.  While vertical complexity is the hierarchical structuring of individuals, families, clans, and tribes, horizontal complexity measures the size and differentiation at each level.  According to this hypothesis, one of the important evolutionary pressures on human cognition is the risk of manipulation and deception.  Manipulation and counter-measures to manipulation evolved in an arms race that led to greater intelligence.  Elaborated originally in the study of primates, the Machiavellian intelligence hypothesis (Byrne and Whiten 1988, 1997) is that the large brains of. Machiavellian Intelligence Theory. The Social intelligence hypothesis suggests that the increase in brain size during evolution in primates has been driven by the.
The machiavellian intelligence hypothesis

The machiavellian intelligence hypothesis The machiavellian intelligence hypothesis


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