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Use if else statement perl
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Use if else statement perl

Date:23.05.2018, 10:48 This means it is checked to see whether it is true or false. The following condition evaluates to true: my value 1; if (value 1) And the following evaluates to false: my value 0; if (value 1) The above example could also be written as: my value 0; if. This is very useful when assigning values. An example is: my c (flag)? 4 : 5; If flag evaluates to true, then c will equal 4, otherwise c will equal 5. The form of 'if-else' statement can be easily embedded in other statements, for example, a print statement: print "I have (pets)? "a pet" : "no pets "n See also To find out more, run the command: perldoc perlsyn Revision: 1.4. This may seem to be a real foolish question, but here it is. In the following code I would like the user to have a second chance to enter in the part number, I thouhg redo would do this. Is it possible or am I way off base to start with? Thanks so much for any help. print "This program sends a query to the First Article Inspection Data. Base folder using the Part Number and Revision given by the user.
Use if else statement perl

Use if else statement perl Use if else statement perl


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