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Resume with community involvement
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Resume with community involvement

Date:25.10.2017, 16:09 Biopharmaceuticals are used in the treatment of several chronic diseases such as cancer, neurological, metabolic, cardiovascular and other diseases. Rising demand of new technologies such as DNA sequencing, recombinant technology, fermentation, tissue engineering will drive the biotech research and biopharmaceutical industry size in the coming decade. The favorable regulatory scenario should propel industry growth. European Commission and national governments of EU MS and many non-EU countries give priority to biotechnology in their agendas. In Belarus, pharmaceutical industry belongs to the most prospective ones with 30 companies being involved and production exceeding USD 450 mln (2015). . Possible input: intervention at a plenary or thematic sessions (up to 15 min; with or without.ppt presentation) and/or participation in a panel discussion should be clarified at registration. Language: EN, RU. To meet the need of ever increasing population1. Following the US, Europe biotechnology market share, along with Asia and Pacific will show, according to analysts, a lucrative growth during the coming years due to growing attention towards public health and introduction of healthcare benefits by government agencies. CEI Ministerial Conference on Science and Technology "Biotechnology for Healthy and Active Life in CEI Region, Minsk, Belarus. CEI Ministerial Conference on Science and Technology. Biotechnology for Healthy and Active Life in CEI Region, Minsk, Belarus DRAFT CONCEPT Background and objectives.
Resume with community involvement

Resume with community involvement Resume with community involvement


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