…Also had 3 blackfins. Capt Brandon Boyer reporting Ok, so Tuesday it rained and a couple staying in Dewey Beach took some mullet and went fishing. It was her first time surf fishing.

Reserved reportviewerwebcontrol axd reportsession
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Reserved reportviewerwebcontrol axd reportsession

Date:26.09.2016, 14:31 More information on how to create a pdf file follow my blog. ActivityPartyCallBack: function(result2) / Generate the pdf file to attached to the Email. var responseSession getReportingSession encodePdf(responseSession, / create a Email record with the attachement and other parameters. CreateEmailAttachment: function(bdy) /Email attachment parameters var activitymimeattachment Object activitymimeattachment. ObjectId Object activitymimeattachment. ObjectId.LogicalName "email  tivityId; activitymimeattachment. ObjectTypeCode "email bject "File Attachment dy bdy; leName "xyz. pdf /Attachment call activitymimeattachment. Blog By Pankaj Kumar on Mar 12, 2016 This blog describes how to attach a ssrs report as a PDF to the mail before sending it to any user. Today I will show how to "Send a PDF File as an attachment in Mail using java script in CRM. / Email Call Back function. EmailCallBack: function(result) email1 result; var activityParty new Object / Set the "party" of the ActivityParty / EntityReference of an entity this activityparty relatated to. rtyId Id: tUserId  / id of the the current user which becomes the sender LogicalName: "systemuser" ; / Set the "activity" of the ActivityParty / EntityReference. tivityId Id: tivityId, LogicalName: "email" ; / Set the participation type (what role the party has on the activity). rticipationTypeMask Value: 1 ; / 1 mean Sender eateRecord(activityParty, "ActivityParty  ActivityPartyCallBack, function(error)  alert(ssage, When activity Party is created we need to attached a pdf file as base64 to the mail. For MimeType "application/pdf eateRecord(activitymimeattachment, "ActivityMimeAttachment  ActivityMimeAttachmentCallBack, function(error) alert(ssage, ActivityMimeAttachmentCallBack: function(result) var options  openInNewWindow: true ; Xrm. Utility.openEntityForm email  tivityId, null, options, /Encode the binary output pdf file to create an attachement encodePdf: function(responseSession) var retrieveEntityReq new XMLH ttpRequest var pth tClientUrl   d?ReportSession" responseSession0 " Culture1033 CultureOverridesTrue UICulture1033 UICultureOverridesTrue ReportStack1 ControlID" responseSession1 " OpTypeExport FileNamePublic ContentDispositionOnlyHtmlInline FormatPDF retrieveEntityReq. open GET  pth, true tRequestHeader Accept   sponseType "arraybuffer retrieveEntityReq. Onreadystatechange function if (adyState 4   atus 200)  var binary  var bytes new Uint8Array(sponse for (var i 0; i   teLength; i) binary omCharCode(bytesi var bdy btoa(binary CreateEmailAttachment(bdy ; nd, getReportingSession: function var selectedIds tId var reportName "abc. rdl var reportGuid / Report GUID  - Replace with your report GUID var pth tClientUrl   CRMR eports/rsviewer/px var retrieveEntityReq new XMLH ttpRequest retrieveEntityReq. open POST  pth, false tRequestHeader Accept   tRequestHeader Content-Type  "application/x-www-form-urlencoded nd id7B" reportGuid "7D uniquename" tOrgUniqueName  " iscustomreporttrue reportnameonsrs reportName" reportName " isScheduledReportfalse p: parameters Name In ssrs " place a-z0-9-/g,  / p: parameters Name In ssrs  :Is optional when you want to have parameter.
Reserved reportviewerwebcontrol axd reportsession

Reserved reportviewerwebcontrol axd reportsession Reserved reportviewerwebcontrol axd reportsession


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